With Maria Galland’s mosaic method, you put together a treatment programme tailored to your requirements and goals in conjunction with your beauty therapist. You choose from ANTI-CELLULITE, MINCEUR (Slimming) and FERMETÉ (Firming), and let your beauty therapist know which body zones you want to focus on.

LES ESSENCES Silhouette, the three new valuable essences for intensive treatment results, give you the opportunity to incorporate effective skin care into your home beauty routine. Ideally complementing these, 430 D-TOX COOLING GEL stimulates the microcirculation in your skin, thus supporting the effects of LES ESSENCES Silhouette.

This pleasantly cooling essence with stimulating ingredients has been specifically developed to reduce symptoms of cellulite and to smooth and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Fat cells can push through the connective tissue, giving the skin’s surface an uneven appearance. In 401 ANTI-CELLULITE ESSENCE, a highly concentrated alga extract and phyto-extract take effect. The phyto-extract reduces the volume of existing fat cells to combat the signs of cellulite. The micro-alga chlorella vulgaris, known for being rich in oligopeptides, minerals and proteins, improves the microcirculation, thus reducing the uneven appearance of the skin. It stimulates collagen and elastin production so that skin firmness is improved. It is also well known for helping to minimise stretch marks.

This fresh essence contains selected active ingredients that support refined and resculpted body contours. An extract of pink pepper has a “slimming” effect for the cells: it removes lipids from the skin cells and helps to carry them away so that the body contours look firmer. At the same time, it stimulates the microcirculation intensively with the aim of reducing fat deposits and combating small cushions of fat. Tripeptides support the synthesis of collagen and therefore help to give new tone to tired and slackened skin.


Highly concentrated active ingredients from nature have an intense firming and toning effect in this essence. Skin tone is determined above all by the skin’s collagen and elastin fibres. In 403 FIRMING AND TONING ESSENCE, selected active ingredients revitalise the skin cells, have an anti-ageing effect and help to prevent slackening of the skin. At the same time, caffeine stimulates the microcirculation and, together with selected oat and algae extracts, assists in giving the skin a smooth appearance. The patented active ingredient glaucine intensifies lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) in the epidermis, giving the skin a firmer and more toned appearance.

This cooling gel with stimulating ingredients has been specifically developed to support the microcirculation and therefore the skin’s natural processes. An extract of brown alga helps to bind toxins in the skin and to remove them. As a strong, naturally occurring antioxidant, an extract of green tea protects the skin cells and stimulates their powers of regeneration. Menthol, another active ingredient, has invigorating properties and a pleasantly cooling effect.

430 D-TOX COOLING GEL ideally complements the three LES ESSENCES Silhouette against cellulite, for a resculpted silhouette and for even, toned skin. In combination with LES ESSENCES Silhouette, the gel helps to stimulate the skin more intensively.